Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Her seven year old daughter was sitting next to me in church one day while her mom - one of my wonderful younger friends -  was getting things ready in the Small Group she teaches.   Her mom is exceptional in so many ways.  As she prepared the class,  she dropped some dry-erase markers.  Her daughter leaned over, and said in a very adult voice, "My mom is a disaster today."   I said "Oh, honey don't say those things about your mom."  And the little girl looked back at me and said, "Oh, it's o.k. My mom said it about herself to my dad as we drove here."   

Later, I laughed as I told her mom what her daughter said.  And her mom said,"Thanks for telling me what she said.  It taught me an important lesson today. So often... I'm careful to watch the words I say to their dad and about their dad in front of my children...and I'm careful about what I say to and about my kids, but I understand today that I need to be careful about what I say about myself in front of my children. My opinion of myself will be my children's impression of me.  And if all they hear me say about myself are negative things...they will think less of themselves... for having such a loser mother."  I told you she was wonderful.

Today, Mommy, I'd like to remind you that what you say about yourself is being heard by those around you. Confession, they say, is good for the soul... but.. not necessarily for your children. Listen today.. listen closely to what you say about yourself.  Being transparent is good.  Being negative is not.  A mommy's opinion helps her children form their own.  Even about Mommy.   Forgive me for changing the words to a song everyone knows but it's a helpful thing to sing to yourself... to remind you of Truth.

"Jesus loves me", this I know
I will tell my children so.
Mommy's life to Him belongs
She is weak but He is strong"

Stop apologizing to God about your weaknesses.
He knows.
Start acknowledging that The Cross is God's way of saying, "Apology accepted. ONCE and FOR ALL."
You are weak. He is strong.
You are what HE is, not what you were. THE END.

Mrs. Older
(And by the way.......God is doing something unusual with this blog.  What? I don't know.. but.. I cannot explain how so many people are hearing about it and signing up to follow it via email. Thank you.)

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