Thursday, June 14, 2012

THE MOMMY MACHINE - PUT YOUR KIDS UP FOR ADOPTION day.....a man and his daughter needed to get from New York City to Los Angeles.  He wanted to drive there instead of flying in order to spend quality time with his daughter, talking with her and teaching her about the things she saw and experienced. So... he hired a driver to drive him and his child to Los Angeles.  He provided everything needed for the trip - gas, food, maps and lodging.  Imagine his surprise when, a few days later, he saw a road sign that said, "Welcome to Florida".   Florida?  Florida is not a state a person would pass through to get from New York to California.  He was annoyed and confronted the driver.  The driver said, "OH.  I didn't think you really wanted to get to Los Angeles.  I thought you didn't care where we were headed as long as we kept driving."  What does this have to do with being a Mommy Machine?

Circumstance #3 - GETTING OFF COURSE

In the story above, think of the man who hired a driver as God, and the child as your child and you, the parent, are the hired driver. God supplies everything you will need to raise that child - HIS CHILD.   God's MAIN destination for your children is that you put them up for ADOPTION in to HIS ETERNAL FAMILY.  A parent who gives up a child for adoption does so because that parent knows that the NEW family will be able to give the child what they cannot.
 In a spiritual sense, telling your child that being ADOPTED in to God's eternal family is the most important goal they can have in life is the MOST LOVING thing an earthly parent can do.  An earthly parent can give so many things to a much loved child - but we cannot give them a new heart.  All through the Bible, God continually tells parents that talking about Him, His ways, His plans, His will, His love, His faithfulness - as you walk, as you drive - is the way to raise a kid.

God is so adamant about not losing HIS relationship with YOUR child that He gave HIS child up to have YOUR CHILD.   Today, dear sweet Mommy who feels like a machine, remember what we said, "God is more interested in you as His daughter than as His servant."   God wants to adopt you.  God wants to be the Father you never had.  God wants to give you the Family you long for.

Let Him adopt you if you haven't already.  And then, let your children know that they should always do their best at everything they attempt in life.  But remind them that the really true measure of a successful life is having the eternal honor of calling God, "Father". Getting your children "HOME" is the main goal of being a Mommy.  Sometimes we get off course when we adopt the world's definition of success.  But repentance is nothing more than changing your mind and turning around and going in the opposite direction. Ask God to send His Spirit to help you. He will.   And if you send me an email, I will do my best to answer your questions... though..I am not an expert...just a little bit older.

Mrs. Older


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