Monday, June 11, 2012


"MOMMY MACHINE"  - (n) - a woman with children who used to have dreams, hopes, and plans - but now all she has is a headache. She does what needs to be done because it needs to be done.

When I'm not writing this blog...I write songs.. I sing songs..I speak at a women's event now and then.. AND I write articles. My target audience is women.  Married women in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's...  OK.. all women.

When these articles appear in the magazines, I get lots of emails from the women reading them.  (I use my real name when I write them)  This gives me an insight in to what they are feeling.  I love these women... I love their hearts. Not every email is a sad one.. Usually they offer encouragement to me... they offer hope and joy and love.  But..just as often...they tell me about  their disappointment. Their sadness.  Their disillusionment.   Many of them have become "Mommy Machines".  One woman said, "I would never shirk my responsibilities, but life has become one mundane moment after another.  I'm ashamed to admit I'm joyless and angry."

Let me tell you something that our pastor in New York said to me years ago when I was burned out from ministry.  I had become Mrs. Ministry Machine.. and I was exhausted and out-of-balance.  This man wasn't technically our "pastor"  anymore.  He was my husband's pastor and when we married, he became mine.  He drove over 200 miles to our home one day... he heard my angry exhaustion.  He listened to me speak.. and then he said one of those life-altering, pivotal statements.. One of those sentences that someone speaks and the Holy Spirit turns the light on in your heart...  He said, "God is more interested in you as HIS DAUGHTER than as HIS SERVANT."    This one sentence helped get my life back in to the joyful existence that God desires for HIS CHILDREN.  

Before I was someone's wife, I was the Daughter of the God Of Heaven.  
Before I was someone's earthly daughter, I was the Daughter of the God Who Created Everything from Nothing. 
Before I was someone's mother, I was the Daughter of The Almighty One Who Lives Forever.
I am ROYAL stuff.

Dear Mommy Machine -  It isn't God's plan for any person to live life mechanically... without joy.  Jesus promised that HIS JOY would be given to us.

The next several about MOMMY MACHINES.
Have you morphed - without realizing it -  into a MOMMY MACHINE?
What are the symptoms of a MOMMY MACHINE?
Does God want you to be a MOMMY MACHINE?
How do you speak to a MOMMY MACHINE? 
How can you be HUMAN again?

It won't be rocket science. I am not a religious rocket scientist.  In the same way that one sentence spoken in love from our pastor turned the light back on in my heart - I pray that God will use some simple truth - and empower it by His VERY HOLY SPIRIT  - so that it will breathe LIFE back in to a woman reading it.

Mrs. Older

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  1. I believe God must have told you about me when you decided to write this. I look forward to the wisdom you will be sharing. Thank you.

  2. Linda R. Hanover, PAJune 11, 2012 at 9:46 AM

    I know I will learn from this series.

  3. I wait for this blog.

  4. Thank God for a pastor who is a shepherd. If you can let him know that a 46 year old woman in Birmingham, AL also felt the light go on in HER heart when she read the words he spoke to you, God is more interested in you as his duauther than his servant.

  5. I have been reading your articles in HomeLife Magazine for years. Today someone wrote a letter to the editor about you and they included a link to this blog. I am beyond overjoyed to have found it. Thank you for the heart you have when you write. You seem so real, and I always feel like you know and understand what we younger wives are going through.