Monday, June 4, 2012


 Day #4 of "Say It For Seven"  - AND TODAY I AM WRITING TO THE MISERABLE MOMS AND THE WOEFUL WIVES. BECAUSE...Some of you...HONESTLY... are not "feeling" the experiment. 

EXACTLY.  PRECISELY.  This experiment is not about what you FEEL like saying  but speaking the TRUTH about the good things in and around your life.  You are surrounded by good things. Sent by God. Your focus is simply off.  OK? OK.  It's not your husband, your kids, your circumstances.  It's your heart. 

For those of you who still feel MISERABLE INSIDE.. and....cannot in all TRUTH  find anything to be thankful for.. or any GOOD THING in your life...  I am getting ready to give you the MOST EXCELLENT ADVICE.  READY?

Stop trying to find the truth and let The Truth find you. 

JESUS is.....THE TRUTH"   He promises to send the Holy Spirit - "The Spirit of Truth" to any of His followers who ask Him to.  I am writing to those of you who don't see anything good to say.  To anyone.  About anything. Life to you, is sad, miserable and not happy at all. 
One of the things an overwhelmed, under-joyed women DOES NOT NEED is a complicated solution to a complicated life.  HOORAY.. because the solution is profoundly simple: 
Stop trying to find the truth and let The Truth find you.
LET JESUS FIND YOU.  HOW?  It's as simple as crying out in desperation.... "Jesus, please find me.  I'm lost!"
Dear Sweet Woe Filled Wife,  Your sadness is a spirit thing.. not a circumstance thing.  It is a HEART thing and not a HOME thing.   It IS POSSIBLE to be going through the most miserable moments.. and yet... be able to say.. "Somehow, inside, I still have overwhelming JOY."  Not only is it possible.. it is the PLAN of God for you.
Is Mrs. Older always singing for joy and never struggling through confusion? NO. But, I have to also be honest and say, that more and more I am surprised to discover that REST and PEACE have taken up residence in my fearful little heart. Yes. It's the TRUTH.  When I admit I cannot do it without Him... He comes and does it for me.

Do you trust that God is a good God? That He longs to show mercy? That He wants to protect you? That He wants you to have JOY in the midst of a JOYLESS planet?  Because that's the TRUTH. 
You cannot be thankful... unless He places that thankfulness in your heart.  Ask Him to give you a thankful heart.  Sincerely ask Him.  And. He will.

So.. today.. fix your focus on what you cannot see.  HUH?  Take your focus off your husband, off your children, off your LIFE HERE... and in desperate HONESTY.. ask The Truth (His Name is JESUS) to find you.  And ask Him to send His Spirit - the Spirit of Truth also known as THE COMFORTER.. to come and comfort your broken heart.

Just because the problem is complicated doesn't mean The answer has to be.  It doesn't require a 10 week Bible Study. It doesn't require anything on your part but a desperate, from your heart, cry for help.
Ask the Truth to come to you.
And He will.

"So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever."  2 Corinthians 4:18

Mrs. Older loves you, but not as much as Jesus does.

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  1. I am the woman you are writing to. I have gone to every Bible Study my church has to offer. I have never heard that I could simply cry out to God, He would hear me, and He would help me. Why hasn't anyone told me this? Your simplicity is like water to my dry and flaky heart.