Saturday, March 31, 2012


Yesterday's blog, "She's Fishing For Your Husband" got the MOST responses since I started this blog. So if you have the time to read them, and even add your own comments, please do.  I am not going to add to the list of the "Wise Woman's Guide To Baiting Your Own Hook" today.... because...
Today... for some HOLY SPIRIT reason... I just feel like reminding my wifey friends that all around you are sweet smelling gifts from God.  And today God would like you to stop and smell them. Today you may THINK that getting the yardwork done is so important that you can bark at the family all day.  But it isn't.  The only thing that matters is love.  The only thing that will remain in the hearts of your children is the LOVE you showed them... The most important thing you can do today is stop when they want to tell a story, look in their beautiful faces and LISTEN to them. Smile at them.  And today, just for one day, try to say ENCOURAGING things, thankful things, uplifting things.  Today.. ask the Lord to allow you to really SEE all the blessings you actually have.  The yard work will be done eventually... the laundry folded and put away.... Open your mouth.. actually open your mouth and actually SAY "Thank you God for _____" and choose at least five things.  Leave your comments.  Let me know what happens on this Saturday.  

The biggest tragedy of your life will not be what you accomplished but the unsmelled roses of joy, blessing and peace that  God place all around you.. and you were too busy to notice.

I love you,
Mrs. Older


  1. I just discovered this blog through a friend's link on twitter. You are so fresh and funny. Bravo!

  2. All the women in my small group at church have signed up for this blog. We adore you Mrs. Older

  3. Amazing that so much wisdom can be wrapped up in that one little package. Thanks for your ministry to us this past Sunday. Thanks too for sharing with us in this blog. God bless you, Mrs. Older.