Sunday, November 27, 2016


Christmas is almost here.  Who knew that 2016 was going to FLY BY?  Wasn't Christmas 2015 just, like, uh... three weeks ago?

Is it possible to have a real "peace on earth" kind of Christmas?  Are you gearing up to defend yourself from those shots some family members cannot stop taking???   Here are some things to ponder and remember.

A popular phrase nowadays is "Jesus is the reason for the season."  It's a good phrase.

I'd like to rework that phrase a bit.
It's true Jesus is the reason for the season, but a better way to survive Christmas is to ask - and find the answer to another question:  

"What is Jesus' reason for the season?" 
The answer:   to give up His rights as the Son of God and became the Son of Man. To save the world.

The real and often overlooked reason for the season is that Jesus was willing to GIVE UP HIS RIGHTS AS THE SON OF GOD AND BECOME LOWER THAN THE ANGELS AND BECOME A HUMAN.

The baby in the manger is there only because He was willing to be. He was willing to be a human.

How does that apply to us?  The followers of The Birthday Man?

IF we want to be His Follower (our choice).. then we must "deny ourselves" as we take up our Cross.  It' means to give up our God-given rights and lay them down in order for the life of Jesus to be seen in our lives...


Well..for you have the right to insist that your mother-in-law stop insisting your family must eat dinner at her house every year instead of yours?  ABSOLUTELY.

Did Jesus have the right to stay in heaven instead of being born in a manger in Bethlehem? ABSOLUTELY. He gave up His rights so that you could have life. It's one meal. Will it bring peace? Is she a brat for insisting? Yup. Are you playing in to her demanding heart. Yes. Yes. Yes?  Lay down your rights. Just like Jesus did.

Does your son's girlfriend hate you?  Does he want to bring her to your home for Christmas dinner? Do you have the right to exclude someone who hates you from your home on Christmas Day?  YES. ABSOLUTELY. YES.  Did Jesus give up His right to be in heaven on thirty-three December 25ths?  UH.. yes He did.
Give her a warm welcome.  Jesus, whose birth we celebrate said, "If you only love those who love you how are you different from heathen unbelievers?"

Give up your supposed right to be angry at and jealous of women who can give their children things you can never give to yours.  Does it break your heart when your children want things that you cannot give them - and - watch them see other children whose parents can afford what you cannot?  Yes. It hurts a mom's heart for this to happen.  But you don't have the right to be angry about what someone else does have.  Lay it down. Give it up.

The core of Christmas Day is that 
Someone gave up every right He had to become lower than the angels who sang to the Shepherds in the field.

Jesus reason for the season is often not the same as ours. 

Jesus gave up His life so that He could give life to us.

Give up your rights this Christmas Day.
You will find peace on earth.

Mrs. Older

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