Tuesday, April 7, 2015


"Spring Break."  

What picture do those two words bring to your mind?  Used to be it simply meant a time in the Spring when schools give students a break from learning.   Now it brings to mind wild partying, drinking and out-of-control sin.   Someday I may write a blog about parents who allow their kids to be part of this decadent descent in to debauchery.  But not today. 

Spring Break also means that my three middle school grandchildren are not in school this week.  It means they are hanging around more.  It means seeing them.  It means joy.   It means taking a break from my normal routine and entering in to a world of wonder and perfection... (Because I wonder how my grandchildren can be so perfect.. )

As wives and mothers we often underestimate the importance of taking breaks.  We cram so much in to our lives - OUR lives and the lives of our children - that we forget what it's like to sit back and do nothing for a day.  We have a to-do list and it becomes as important as the Bible.  We have to do what the to-do list says or... or..... or... WHAT?

In one of his many books, author and teacher Warren Wiersbe, talking to leaders wrote, "Sometimes the holiest thing you can do is to take a nap."

My grandmother used to teach us that no matter how much we love the Lord, if our bodies are physically exhausted, we cannot thrive as God's children the way He intends for us to thrive.


Mom, take a break sometime this week.  Take a night off and simply hug your kids.
Take an afternoon this weekend and play outside with them.  Or play inside with them.
Or just relax. With them.

And do the same thing with and for your husband.  Take a break from what you HAVE to do and do something you WANT to do.

Take a break.  It's Spring.

 Just because advice is simple doesn't mean it won't change your world.
Lighten up, honey.
Just for a few days.

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Mrs. Olde

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